Why Don’t VMWare VMs Show Up To Be Converted in Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2016?

I installed Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2016 to migrate some VMWare VMs (ESXi 4.1 VMs nonetheless) to Hyper-V.  However, every time I went into the Convert Virtual Machine wizard in VMM I was greeted with a blank screen that looked like this:

No matter what I did (refreshing libraries, restarting VMM, etc) it wouldn’t populate with VMs to convert.

It then occurred to me that since a requirement of the migration is that the VMs have to be powered off, that maybe they wouldn’t show up until they were turned off.  So I created a test VM and left it turned off and sure enough:

I would have much preferred that all eligible VMs showed up in the list and you were just unable to select them instead.