2015 PowerShell Resolutions

I am stealing this idea from Boe Prox. He blogged about his own PowerShell Resolutions for 2015.

I will keep this short and sweet. In no particular order here are my PowerShell Resolutions for 2015:

  1. Figure out a PowerShell related topic to speak about that I won’t get bored with in a month or two
  2. Speak about this topic at the Omaha PowerShell User Group
  3. Speak about this topic at 2-3 other PowerShell User Groups or other organizations (local or otherwise)
  4. Start and Finish PowerShell Deep Dives Book
  5. Start and Finish Windows PowerShell Best Practices Book
  6. Implement PowerShell DSC in Production at my current place of employment
  7. Deploy Private Cloud (WAP, Azure, DSC etc) in Production at my current place of employment
  8. Write at minimum one blog post a week
  9. Schedule one hour a week on my calendar to browse PowerShell.org and TechNet forums looking for PowerShell related questions to answer
  10. Learn how to do more things in SCOM and VMM using PowerShell instead of clicking around in the GUI

That’s probably a little on the ambitious side, but we will see how it goes!  What are your PowerShell Resolutions for 2015?