Error 3000 – Unable to Register to Advisor Service

I was able to get into the current Limited Preview of the System Center Advisor service. Everything went great with the initial setup and Configuration except for registering Operations Manager with the Advisor Service. No matter what I did, I kept getting Error 3000: Unable to Register to Advisor Service. Please contact the system administrator.

If you Google this error message, you get pointed to this article by Stefan Roth. That article states that the issue is a time sync problem. I went through all the steps, and still no luck. I reached out on Twitter to Daniele Muscetta and we did some initial troubleshooting because he believed the issue was with a Proxy server (which turned out to be correct).

The catch was that we don’t use a Proxy server (anymore). We did last year when I was trying out System Center Advisor, but I ended up uninstalling it and removing all the management packs. After a bunch of initial troubleshooting, we were kind of stuck and setup a meeting to run a diagnostics tool. And that’s when I stumbled onto something magical.

While using the command add-on in PowerShell searching for Override related cmdlets for SCOM, I happened to notice there was a cmdlet called Get-SCAdvisorProxy. I run this command, and sure enough, it has the name of our old proxy server in it! There is also a command Set-SCAdvisorProxy. I ran the command below to set the Proxy to nothing.

Once that was done, I was able to register with the Advisor service and everything is looking great!