PowerShell DSC Journey – Day 28

The Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview is now available.  One of the new features is the PowerShellGet Module.  While working on some blog posts for my DSC series using the xHyper-V Resource and messing around with this module, I came across something I found interesting.  Which led me to some more interesting somethings.  Off we go!

First, I wanted to see what DSC Modules were available (if any) using PowerShellGet.

4 things immediately stood out to me about this. There are DSC Resources for xJea (which I expected to find based on TechEd), xOneGet (!!!) and xAzureVMResources. The other thing is that the version of the Hyper-V module is 2.1.1, which is different than the version I had on my computer which was 2.1.0. Setting aside the xJea piece for a minute, I decided I would install the newer version of the xHyper-V Resource. For this example I intentionally deleted the module first so that I have would have some actual output to show you.

So now, lets go look at it and see what is in it. I originally wanted to see if the version was in fact updated (which it is), and then I stumbled onto this.
That isn’t at all what the folder used to look like. It used to just contain the DSCResources folder and the .psd1 file. There is now a licensing document, a .html file containing all the TechNet documentation for the Resource and other fun stuff. Here is the contents of the Misc folder.
Say what?!?!?!?!?!?!? I haven’t had a chance to explore any of these, but here is what the VMSwitchGenerator.ps1 looks like.

Here is what the contents of the Examples folder looks like.
Here is what the Sample_xVHD_NewVHD.ps1 looks like.

So, needless to say, there is a lot of awesome going on here that I need to explore.

Now, back to xJea. So after seeing this, I was curious, what does the xJea Module include? If you need to install the module (and you are on the WMF 5.0 May Preview) just use this command.

And here is what you get.
A docs folder? What is in there?
You have got to be kidding me???? Nope. The PowerPoint is the presentation from TechEd and the Word document is awesome, if you are reading this you need to read that document ASAP.
And here is the contents of the Examples folder.
The actual demo scripts! Yahtzee!

Now, after this I was like, what the hell, let’s just install all the DSC Resources using PowerShellGet and see what else I get!

Looks good, onto the next step!

Not gonna lie, I was kind of disappointed. Looking through the DSC Resource Module folders, xHyper-V,xJea,xOneGet and xAzureVMResources all have examples, scripts and/or documents that are additional to things that we have seen so far. They all look to be really helpful and built with the idea of making DSC even easier to learn and use. I am really excited about this development.