Orchestrator Runbook Fails – Failed to get members of collection. The SMS Provider reported an error

The TechNet Forum thread is here if you are interested, but I wanted to write a quick blog for my reference in the future.

I created an Orchestrator Runbook that would get all the devices in an SCCM collection, and then put them into Maintenance Mode in SCOM.  However, every time I ran the runbook and put in the collection name, it failed with this error:

Full Error is:  “Failed to get members of collection ‘{Collection Name from “Initialize Data”}’.”. The SMS Provider reported an error. Details: Generic failure

After my SCCM admin and I exhausted all the options we could think of, I went to the forums.  The answer turned out to be surprisingly simple.

I had just typed the text {Collection Name from “Initialize Data”}.  What I needed to do was in the Collection, Right Click, Subscribe, Published Data and select Collection Name.  Once I did that for the Get Collection Member and Start/Stop Maintenance Mode, it ran perfectly!