Server 2012: Open Procedure for Service failed. Performance data for this service will not be available.

A Windows 2012 Server (my System Center Operations Manager server to be precise), was throwing the same 7 errors every 8 or so seconds, for as far back as I could see in the Application log.  The errors looked like this:

In addition to the .NETFramework the following services were listed in the other 6 error messages:

  • BITS
  • HealthService
  • Lsa
  • MOMConnector
  • WmiApRpl

After much fruitless researching I came across the solution in this article.  It is important to note, that this command will not work in PowerShell, you must run it from the command prompt.

Click Start, type cmd right click cmd.exe, and select Run as administrator.
At the prompt, type lodctr /r and press ENTER. This will repair the pointers (those are stored in the registry).

If you do run it in PowerShell you get the following error message.