Granting Permissions to Operations Manager 2012 Application Advisor Console

First, a disclaimer:  I wasn’t around when this environment was setup, I was hired several months aftewards and when I found out that Operations Manager wasn’t being utilized at all I took it upon myself to change that.  So, that being said, this may not be applicable to your environment, but this is what worked for me.

The first issue I ran into was that I was able to login to the Application Advisor console from the Operations Manager server, but if I tried from my desktop, it would not allow me to login.  The application log on the Operations Manager server recorded the following:

Which, didn’t really tell me a lot.  However Googling variations of this error message lead me to this article on TechNet, which in turn led me to this one.  The fix really was that simple.  I changed the authentication methods on the ApplicationAdvisor IIS website and was able to login from my desktop.



Now, for the second problem.  Several developers have access to the ApplicationDiagnostics console, and have no problems viewing the application information they have rights to.  However, when they try to login to the Application Advisor, they get the error message below, stating that they are unauthorized.

Which is really strange considering, they can authenticate to the Application Diagnostic console, and can login to the Operations Manager Web Console and view their application.  After spending quite a bit of time looking into SQL Server permissions, and the Application Advisor application pool, I added both the developers to the Operations Manager Report Security Administrators group and that magically solved the issue.