Symantec Endpoint Protection and VMWare View Desktops

Very long story short, when setting up our VMWare View environment using Windows 7 desktops with Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) I had all kinds of problems when composing pools with the customization stage failing because the PCs were unable to join the domain.  I spent A LOT of time troubleshooting with VMWare and on my own time, and someone at VMWare, when working on an entirely different problem came up with this fix.

First, we need to create 2 .bat files

Name this PostSync.bat
sc config “Symantec Antivirus” start= auto

Name this PowerOff.bat
sc stop “Symantec Antivirus”

Save these files somewhere on your base template.  I put mine in C:SEP.  Snapshot the template when you are done.  Before you recompose your pool, we need to first modify the pool settings.

In View Manager, go to the Pool you want to recompose.  Click the guest customization tab.  You should set it to look like the following, just modify the path to whatever is applicable in your environment.

What this will do is on power off, it will stop the Symantec Antivirus service so that the desktop can do all of it’s re-configuring and customization.  After that is all done the other script will tell that service to start up and SEP will act as if it was never turned off.